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Climate Change Day

Today we made it onto BBC1! 📺 Please watch our video!

This is why they came…

BBC TV cameras 🎥 came to the nursery today to film the activities for our Climate Change Day!

We had a Climate Change Day in support of young people across the globe 🌎 striking to demand action from their Governments against the global warming crisis, asking people in authority to listen and be more proactive.

As a day nursery, we cannot take the children to march on the strike, but we feel very strongly that the under 5’s should be educated about Climate Change and why people are talking about it. With the children, we looked at what actions can be taken at all levels to impact on the growing crisis.

At the Old Forge Day Nursery we had a focus on limiting our Carbon footprint ourselves.

We spent the whole day outside cooking over our fire 🔥 and turning off all electricity ⚡️

The activities were planned to explain to the children what Climate Change is. We also planted in the garden to create oxygen back into the atmosphere.

All craft activities were natural resources and our younger children used mud to make footprints 👣 to help discuss a carbon footprint.

We looked at recycling ♻️ and what that means.
Making bug 🐜 shelters, animal shelters and bird 🐦 feeders to use on an ongoing basis.

Our younger children melted ice ❄️ to help understand the melting icebergs and the older ones used the ice activity with animals to explain the impact of a shrinking environment on the animal’s habitat.

Tomorrow is just the start of the Climate Change conversation and we are planning to make changes on a regular basis that will have a small impact but more importantly will educate the children on what actions they can take. 😁

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