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Bear Cubs

One – two years

By the time your child reaches Bear Cubs, their language and communication skills are most likely well underway and they are starting to say actual words and be able to tell us what they want. Their inquisitive minds enable them to confidently explore all the different toys and equipment such as sand and water, puzzles, animals, cars and books. They enjoy lots of baking, craft, singing and are encouraged to start following simple instructions such as washing hands before snacks and meals and joining in for songs and story time.

We create family albums for each child to encourage close relationships and links between nursery and home and support their emerging social skills with their friends through learning to share toys and take turns.

Every day is an adventure for our Bear Cubs and we make sure each day is as exciting, challenging and as fun as the next, whether it be in our lovely bright stimulating rooms, outside in our beautiful garden and Forest School, or on adventures around our quiet, safe and idyllic village.

We are there to ensure that as our Bear Cubs make that amazing transition from babbling babies, unsteady on their feet, to confident chatty toddlers that we provide the comfort, support and stimulation that they need to fulfil their full potential.

Our room and exciting activities