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Baby Bears

Three months – One Year

We completely understand how difficult it is for parents to send their precious little baby to nursery whilst you return to work. You need to feel confident that your baby will get the care, love and attention that they would do at home and that they feel safe and cherished by the adults caring for them.

The staff in the Baby Bears room are experts in their field. They fully understand the needs of babies from sleeping, feeding and weaning, communication, movement and play. They work closely with parents/carers to ensure that there is consistency between their routine at home and nursery, supporting them at every stage of their exciting development and giving endless love, cuddles and attention.

The room is soft and cosy with lots of different toys, textures, sounds and visual aids to stimulate their rapidly developing senses and encourage their development in all areas. They are also introduced to painting and craft such as hand and feet painting and get to go outside everyday in the garden for lovely walks around the village.

Because babies spend most of their time on the floor and putting things in their mouths, we follow very strict hygiene practices, regularly sterilising toys and equipment and steam cleaning the floors.

Learning to walk is one of the most exciting milestones in your little ones development and we are there to encourage and support them at all times as they gain their balance and confidence.

Baby Bears experience lots of exciting activities