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Big Bears

Big Bears is an age group which we created to adapt to the specific and unique needs of children who would usually be spending two years in Pre-school.

By creating Big Bears, we are keeping the cohort of children who are going to school in September together whilst ensuring they are gaining specific teaching, for the skills and development appropriate for their age. It also means that children do not spend two years in Pre-School and can enjoy a space and learning experience targeted at their specific age group.

To ensure the children gain the maximum benefit from their time in Big Bears, as well as having lots of fun we have devised ‘The 10 Steps to Pre-school Readiness’, which are outcomes that look towards being able to achieve ‘The 10 steps to School Readiness’ that Pre-School follow.

Big Bears are based in our new hobbit cabin with access to an array of exciting activities and daily Forest School sessions.

Our exciting Hobbit cabin and activities