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County Lines Awareness Week

This week is County Lines Awareness Week 7-11th March 2022
If you are unaware of what County Lines is here is a short explanation…
“County lines are drug distribution networks, spread across the country, using young and vulnerable people to move and store drugs. Often those involved are coerced and groomed into helping through threats, intimidation, and violence. If you are worried that a friend or family member may be involved in county lines you’re not a snitch if you say something, you’re trying to help them leave a dangerous situation and get the support they will need to break free.”
The NSPCC has a really informative website which details all you need to know about County Lines, you can find out more on this link
Or read through this helpful .pdf from the Unseen group.
If you have any concerns regarding a child who may be at risk contact the Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121 700