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Healthy Breakfast Bars

Here at The Old Forge we are passionate about our children’s diets 🍽, and how much we believe in giving them the best start to the day from the moment they arrive till the moment they leave 😀

We are constantly looking at how we can get more goodness into the children’s tummies and have recently been trialing our new homemade ‘healthy breakfast bars’! 👍

These bars are absolutely packed with goodness including oats 🌾, fruits 🍇🥭🍐🍎🍌 (bananas, sultanas, mangos, apricots, grapes) and nuts 🥜. Because they are made from scratch, by Kate at the nursery, they are free from processing, flavourings, refined sugars and preservatives and the children have been loving them! 😋

Kate 👩🏻‍🍳 has also been taking snack times to another level by home baking crackers to go with the children’s 5⃣ a day! In addition to this Kate and Rachael have been experimenting with home made veggie crisps and much much more!

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