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Iwan, Pre-School’s award winning teacher

Iwan scoops MITEY award 2023

So proud of our Pre-School teacher Iwan as he wins the inaugural Early Years Teacher Awards’ Men in the Early Years category.

At the Old Forge Day Nursery, we are proud to say we are well above the national average with three male staff working across several age ranges from two-to-three-year-olds and Pre-School.

We place high value on men’s experience and input in caring for and educating children, both within families and as professionals in education. Being able to offer the children at nursery the opportunity to be cared for by a diverse, mixed-gender early years workforce is invaluable.

As a nursery we know that early year’s education role should capture the input and the talents of all and have actively sought to create a workforce that includes men, women, and people with other gendered or non-gendered identities.

We view early years education as a critical period in a child’s life, one where we can address gender inequality and stereotypes, for the benefit of our children, our families, and the wider community.

“We are incredibly proud of Iwan. To be recognised in such a vital part of childcare is a credit to his passion in his role in our Pre-School.”

Our story made it to he local press. You can read more here: