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World War One Centenary Celebrations

As a nursery we have taken part in a World War One week to celebrate a 100 years since the end of World War 1.

As a tribute to remembering the bravery of those who fought, lived and died in the First World War and subsequent wars. The children and School’s Out club honoured all those who served, died and were affected by the war both at home and overseas in a variety of activities during the weeks leading up to the 100 year centenary.

We decorated the outside of the building with the British Legion poppies and as we are a nursery, we have a projector displaying doves of peace flying over the side of the building during the night. This encouraged the children to ask questions and start the conversation of what the poppies mean and why we remember. We invited families to send in memorabilia or stories from their family members and we put this together to make a small museum for the children to look in the cabin.

The older children looked at the war in more detail, taking part in military fitness and looking at how war-affected children. It was brought to life for them with a visit to the Staffordshire Regiment museum where they explored life in the trenches. They celebrated Halloween the old-fashioned way of a dress up parade opposed to the modern trick or treating.

The menu for the week was designed to reflect the type of meals that would have been available during this time and the children tasted food they have probably had never eaten before but was very popular with the children

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